Director Scotty Curlee, a professor at Liberty University’s film school, first met David Horton, a professor and ultramarathon legend, as a student years ago. A friendship blossomed with Horton and his wife, Nancy, leading Curlee to bring their true marriage journey to the big screen in EXTRAORDINARY.

Early in the film, EXTRAORDINARY, a student tells professor David Horton that financial woes are forcing him to quit college. David writes the student a check for $1,000 and encourages him to finish what he started.

Years ago, I was that student at Liberty University and that real-life check from David came to me, along with the inspiration to continue. I know first-hand the impact David has on his students. I also know the great sacrifices Nancy has made in David’s life to allow him the opportunity to inspire students through his passion.

No athlete competes at the highest level without support at home. In David and Nancy’s case, it involves raising Brandon and Allison, their two children, through the trials and tribulations of life while David is away on his adventures.

David realizes he isn’t the extraordinary one; it’s Nancy. It’s always been Nancy because no matter how hard he pushed or the accolades he achieved, Nancy was the heartbeat of their family. EXTRAORDINARY is really the tale of an amazing ultramarathon legend that impacted thousands of students for Christ because his wife was beside him every step of the way. I am grateful to see not just a true story, but a true marriage journey – focusing on dear friends – coming to theaters.

As a husband, making this film is a labor of love. The importance of appreciating the sacrifices our spouses make in our lives is a universal theme, applicable to every marriage. It’s easy to take for granted the incredible, daily contributions of husbands and wives.

I hope audiences will leave with a greater appreciation for the sacrifices spouses make in their lives and to honor that sacrifice in return.

EXTRAORDINARY is an ideal movie to encourage couples to go the distance in their marriages. Plan now to bring a group of 10 or more from your church, alumni association, marriage ministry, neighborhood or workplace. This one-night event will be in theaters Thursday, September 7 ONLY. Tickets are available at