Best known as Miss Clara from the hit film War Room, Karen Abercrombie plays Nina in EXTRAORDINARY. In this brief Q & A, Karen shares thoughts on marriage, the importance of vows, faith-based films and EXTRAORDINARY.

How did you relate to the story of EXTRAORDINARY?
I’m a married woman so I could relate on so many levels from a mother’s point of view and from a wife’s point of view. I could understand the frustration and the loneliness and all these things that can walk their way into bitterness. I had to think about how I felt dealing with similar situations. It’s something we all must deal with one way or another.

Why are you excited to be in a film that takes us on a true marriage journey?
The divorce rate for Christians is as high as it is for non-Christians. Just acknowledging that fact and bringing that to the table will allow us to talk about it. We must respect the power, the unity and the understanding that must take place to make a marriage successful.

In EXTRAORDINARY, you share a moving scene with Shari Rigby that focuses on marriage vows. Why are vows so important?
The world is continuously pressing in and telling you who you are, what marriage is, and what you are supposed to get from marriage. But we must remember the vows that we came together under God—through sickness and health, through the ups and downs. We must stand up and fight for that marriage and that union. You can get divorced quickly and cheaply now. It’s the darkness pressing in to break that God-given union. We must stand behind those vows that we took.

How do faith-based films make an impact?
When people who aren’t believers see these films that are being made and they aren’t overly preachy, they see the message being introduced in a way that is loving and authentic. They see people like them. Now we are making some headway. God is parting some waters.

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