Stephan Schultze is the executive director of Liberty University’s Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Department, which created EXTRAORDINARY. Schultze also serves as executive producer for the film.

Working with the film students is one of my greatest joys in life. It combines two of my great loves: filmmaking and teaching. It allows me to share my life experiences in cinema and what I think I can bring to the educational process for students.

Sixty film students worked with professional directors, producers, department heads, and actors to create EXTRAORDINARY. Throughout the production, it was incredible to see the lightbulbs of excitement go on for our film students. They are following their calling into the world of filmmaking and it’s a special privilege to see them pursue their dreams.

The immediate impact of making EXTRAORDINARY is evident through the “learn by doing” approach that we practice at Liberty University’s film program. The approach allows Liberty to lead the way in training the next generation of filmmakers in a Christian-focused environment.

EXTRAORDINARY is the fourth feature film produced by the Liberty University Cinematic Arts department. The film school has also created Altar Egos, 77 Chances, and God’s Compass.

Through EXTRAORDINARY, the students have gained a wealth of knowledge in their respective positions on the film and now they have the first student-driven theatrical release in what very well could be, cinema history. That’s an impressive accomplishment.

For the long run, the topic of honoring your marriage will impact them on a greater level later in life when they’ve experienced the marriage journey themselves. It’s legacy work and it speaks volumes that college students came together to make a movie about such an important topic and to encourage couples to not just start well, but more importantly, to finish well.

Based on a true marriage journey, EXTRAORDINARY is an ideal movie to encourage couples to go the distance in their marriages. Plan now to bring a group of 10 or more from your church, alumni association, marriage ministry, neighborhood or workplace. This one-night event will be in theaters Thursday, September 7 ONLY. Tickets are available at