Best known as Miss Clara from the hit film War Room, Karen Abercrombie plays Nina in EXTRAORDINARY, a film created by Liberty University’s film school. In this brief Q & A, Karen shares thoughts on EXTRAORDINARY, Liberty University’s film school and mentorship.

What can the audience expect from EXTRAORDINARY?
They can expect to really feel and to laugh and to cry and see women really going through what they also have gone through. They can expect to see unity and sisterhood and women that have gone through the choppy waters together. You learn better how to communicate, and the importance of communicating, and how that can gird you closer with your husband and your children. It puts you closer to victory when you can communicate.

You were also in God’s Compass, another Liberty University film-school project. What do you enjoy about making movies with Liberty?
On the set of a Liberty film, there is prayer, common meals together and friendship. It means so much to be in that environment because you can use your God-given gifts to put some good stuff out there. If I’m ever working on a project and God calls me home, I always want to be working on something good. Working with Liberty has been just that. I look forward to working on other projects with them.

What does it mean to play a role in mentoring the next generation of Christian filmmakers?
It’s a precious honor. I’m so thankful God afforded me that opportunity. These students are being taught excellence and they are being nurtured and respected. I have some of my own projects that I am bringing in students from Liberty to be a part of. They are like my children now.

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