Shari Rigby (October Baby) plays Nancy Horton in the upcoming film, EXTRAORDINARY. A writer, actress, director and producer, Shari wants women to know their value and identity in Christ.

I have needs from my husband that have been placed within me by my Savior. I desire for my husband to sit with me, to see me, to stand before me as my hero, to minister to me and to reveal himself to me.

The heart of any woman is to be valued, to be seen as worthy and desired by her husband. We want to be the bride of his youth, to see us and to delight in us. To be encouraged by him to dream and pursue the calling on our life. But sometimes as a mother and wife, doing life can leave each of us feeling less than, leading us to believe that our calling is insignificant. Before you know it, you are walking around broken and losing sight of the gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon you.

For me, one of the hardest things is to see myself as worthy or qualified. In the past, when I have lost sight of who I am and find myself questioning my identity, I must go back to the beginning. As in “God created us in His image,” an image of beauty and purpose. It seems obvious that because of our God DNA makeup, this would be our passion as well – to be seen as beautiful, worthy and purposeful and helping to add to our partner’s life in our marriage, not losing ourselves.

To identify ourselves as worthy and helpmates to our spouses, it’s critical for us, as women to be shown love in certain ways – our five love languages. Jesus was the master of displaying these in the gospels as He interacted with women He encountered. Jesus shows us the depths of women’s hearts and how they desire to be known.

He sits with the woman at the well. He sees the woman with the blood disorder. He stands before the woman about to be stoned as her hero. He ministers to Mary and Martha and He reveals Himself at the resurrection to Mary. Beautiful, important moments that only could be delivered by the ultimate lover of our soul. Jesus knew how to meet each one exactly where she needed to be met, helping her to see her worth, to know she was loved and had a hopeful future.

The Lord knew these five love languages were significant needs of a woman. Sometimes, our husbands do not see our needs as clearly as the Lord does. We must be upfront with our spouse and diligent to seek a loving way to sit with our husbands, to share our hearts, be transparent in what we are longing for. We must remember, our husbands are not able to read our minds, but they are our husbands and with a little help, they can be mindful to identify how to lift us up and encourage our purpose, value and above, all the importance of our partnership to them.

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