Thousands of people across the country saw EXTRAORDINARY in theaters and loved its message of faith, family and perseverance. Maybe you missed the one-night event, but really want to see this true marriage journey.

Good news. You can bring EXTRAORDINARY to your church through Faith Films Network. This October and November, churches across the United States and Canada are planning an EXTRAORDINARY Marriage Movie Night to share this important message of hope and healing.

Here’s what one woman said after seeing EXTRAORDINARY in theaters:

“My husband of 14 years called me yesterday and asked me on a date. A date! He has not asked me out on a date in 10 years! I was further surprised and delighted that he took me to see EXTRAORDINARY. This is so out of character of him and I felt so blessed and thankful that God answered my prayer as our marriage has been rough lately. Loved the movie! It was a blessing to us both!”

Encourage your ministry team to bring EXTRAORDINARY — based on a true marriage journey — to your church and plan a couple’s night in your community.

Churches should go to to book an EXTRAORDINARY Marriage Movie Night. To find a church screening the film near you, visit