In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Shari Rigby, who plays Nancy Horton in EXTRAORDINARY, shared the importance of a committed marriage. During October and November, churches can bring EXTRAORDINARY, based on a true marriage journey, to their communities by hosting EXTRAORDINARY Marriage Movie Nights.

Check out this excerpt of Rigby’s interview with The Christian Post:

“Marriage is tough, but it is one of the most beautiful gifts that one can receive in his or her life,” Rigby told The Christian Post when asked about the importance of marriage. “The definition of perseverance is, ‘steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.'”

Rigby has been married for 20 years and explained that she views marriage as a sacred service to God and her spouse.

“Marriage is a ministry and we must continue to finish our course and ministry well. By running the marriage race, we show the unbelieving world we are not quitters but doers with persistence, tenacity, determination, and staying power, while encouraging the believers with transparency and hope for successful marriages that can and will last a lifetime,” she said.

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