During the Thanksgiving season, EXTRAORDINARY cast members are sharing the marriage advice they are most thankful for. The advice Leland Klassen, who plays David Horton, received before marriage changed the way he viewed love.

Early on in a premarital counselling session I was having with Carrie, my wife to be, the pastor leading us said love is a choice not a feeling. When he dropped that truth bomb, I was shaken to the core.

Meanwhile, Carrie nodded in approval while I sat there frozen in shock. Up to that point in my life, I had always believed in the love that Hollywood and the world told me about. That uncontrollable magical feeling that you have for someone – that feeling I had for Carrie.

It turned out, that was just infatuation and that won’t get you a lasting marriage because it always fades away eventually. The love my pastor was talking about, which prepared us for the marriage God had designed for all of us, was one of sacrifice, commitment and decision.

The purpose of all our marriages is to give an example of Christ’s love and commitment to the church. That means even when you don’t “feel” like loving, you do. You wake up every morning and decide to love your spouse. No, it’s not a chore (although somedays it must feel like it for my wife).

It’s a much deeper kind of love because anyone can love when things are going well. What about when they’re not? That kind of love is deeper and ultimately, more rewarding in the long run than some fleeting Hollywood romance movie.

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