"Extraordinary delivers a message of hope and commitment in a story about faithfulness to God and to your spouse. Extraordinary inspired me to love my family more each day as I strive to complete my marriage race well."
Kirk Cameron, Actor

EXTRAORDINARY, the movie, is a bright light in a dark world. You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful story of David Horton and his wife, Nancy. They found a way to live extraordinarily and with their example, you can, too! Get to the theater on September 7 to see EXTRAORDINARY. Bring someone you love. It will change your life.”
Karen Kingsbury, Best-selling and award-winning author

"Everyone knows someone who is in a loveless, empty, strained, painful and difficult marriage. That’s why we need films like EXTRAORDINARY. It’s based on a true marriage journey. We need these kinds of films to encourage, challenge and strengthen us to have a love that lasts forever. Don't miss EXTRAORDINARY."
Dr. Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

“I am excited for audiences to experience EXTRAORDINARY on the big screen for one night on Thursday, September 7. EXTRAORDINARY will encourage couples to go the distance in their marriages and is a wonderful opportunity to start a dialogue about honoring your family, persevering, and finishing well. Daily, we challenge our students and faculty to engage the world through Christian media and EXTRAORDINARY does that in a big way. This movie truly is a labor of love for Liberty University’s film school.”
Jerry Falwell, Liberty University President

EXTRAORDINARY strikes a chord with us because of the messages about marriage and the incredible role wives play in our lives. We travel a lot for a living and if it weren’t for our wives, we wouldn’t be able to be so involved and passionate about music. They make the ministry we do possible. We are fans of the Liberty University film department and are amazed at the work that went into creating EXTRAORDINARY, a beautiful, full-length feature film.”
Luke and Joel Smallbone, for KING & COUNTRY